Rental Solutions

Pack Smart provide envrionmentally conscious hygiene and food waste solutions for a wide range of industries. Our technology is designed to significantly reduce facility operating costs whilst improving sanitation and sustainability. 

AquaTeck Mini

The AquaTeck Mini transforms ordinary tap water into a sustainable multipurpose sanitiser and cleaner, producing up to 15 litres every 7 minutes - at just 2p a litre! This allows your environment to have a constant supply of sanitsing solution on site, on tap. Electrolsyed water is the world's strongest natural sanitser which works faster and more effectively than expensive chemical alternatives. With hygiene and our planet more important than ever, this technology is the way forward. 

Food Digestor

The Food Digestor is a fully enclosed automatic biodigestor that disposes of most food waste within 24 hours. This technology works to turn food waste into grey water which can sustainably be disposed of, eliminating the smells, rodents and poor hygiene of regular garbage bins. This sigficanlty reduces the carbon footprint of a facility and is a key element to achieving zero waste. 

Gym using AquaTeck Mini