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GreenTeck Global Ltd

AirTeck Plug In Air Purifier

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Portable Plug In Ozone Air Purifier and Deodoriser Eliminates Odours

Plug In Small plug-sized trioxygen generator

Plug In Small plug-sized trioxygen generator for tackling ambient smells.
A breath of fresh air for commercial and residential odour control.

  • O3 SO SIMPLE: GreenTeck trioxygen generators simply plug into a normal plug socket.
  • O3 SO CLEAN: Trioxygen is the most powerful steriliser known – safer, cleaner and more effective than any man-made solution.
  • O3 SO GREEN: Trioxygen is 100% natural and pure.
  • O3 SO EFFICIENT: Trioxygen doesn’t just mask odours, pathogens and bacteria, TRIOXYGEN DESTROYS THEM.
  • O3 SO COST-EFFECTIVE: Trioxygen generators effectively run on air with no expensive chemicals or manual cleaning required, making the whole process incredibly easy and cost-effective.