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Aluminium Container No.6a (500 Units)

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The No. 6A aluminium foil container is a culinary favourite, prized for its versatility. Made from thick aluminium foil, these containers are food-safe and ideal for dishes ranging from Chinese takeouts to curries. They are especially popular in the food manufacturing and catering sectors.

Among various foil container sizes, the No. 6A stands out, often accompanied by lids to keep food fresh. While these aluminium boxes are perfect for storing food and can be used in conventional ovens, they're not microwave-friendly.

For those keen on precise sizes, a foil tray size chart is handy. When it comes to takeaways, the durability and heat-retaining qualities of these aluminium containers make them a top choice.

In short, the No. 6A aluminium foil container offers a perfect blend of functionality and convenience for all your food storage needs.

Dimension: 197mm x 100mm x 55mm

Packing: 500 units per case